Coldwater Supplies Edge Control System for Asia Symbol's BM 11 in China

Coldwater's FabCurl Edge Control System was installed on the mid-ply of Asia Symbol's BM 11.

Oct. 10, 2013 - Coldwater said that a new edge control system it supplied to Asia Symbol for BM 11 in Shandong Province, China, has successfully started-up.

BM 11 is a bleach board machine running liquid container packaging.

According to Coldwater, the FabCurl™ Edge Control System was installed on the mid-ply of BM 11, and after startup instant results were seen in machine cleanliness, TSO angle reduction, basis weight, and moisture profile 2 sigma reduction.

The FabCurl edge control system allows optimization of basis weight, moisture, and TSO angle profiles at the sheet edge. The system can either eliminate or manage the location of edge waves on the fourdrinier table. It's easy to keep clean as a result of well-positioned showering, and quick release pins make removal for wire changes easy, Coldwater said.

Coldwater has well over 200 installations world-wide of FabCurl Edge Control Systems. The products are manufactured and supported from both the US and Sweden.

Coldwater is a manufacturing company specializing in products for the pulp and paper industry. The company is the world's largest manufacturer of suction roll sealing strips and one of the largest manufacturers of paper machine drainage elements. For additional information visit:

SOURCE: Coldwater