J.Vilaseca Earns ISO 50001:2011, Energy Management System

May 16, 2013 - Spanish specialty papermaker J.Vilaseca has recently obtained the certification ISO 50001 — an international standard for energy management and efficiency.

J.Vilaseca's main objective with the procurement and implementation of this standard is to establish systems and processes to improve energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs, as well as offsetting the current energy problems:

  • Shortage of current sources
  • infrastructure vulnerability to future energy supply problems
  • political instability in countries of supply
  • energy price volatility
  • external energy dependence
  • to honor the company's commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

"Obtaining this certification highlights the concern and commitment from J.Vilaseca for combating climate change while also confirms the company's strategy investment to social responsibility and respect and preserve the environment," the company said in a statement.

J. Vilaseca, S.A., paper mill established in 1714, devotes its activity to the production of high grade special papers for the most demanding graphic paper, indoor and outdoor poster paper, security, wine label base paper and industrial base paper markets and it currently distributes its products to more than 60 countries.

Its facilities are equipped with:

  • 2 paper machines (160 cm and 336 cm wide / 63 and 132.3 inches wide).
  • The finish division is composed of 3 rewinders, 2 cutters, a calender stack, 2 wrapping machines and a complete cutting, wrapping and packaging process for A4 / A3 size. Theyre also equipped with 2 embossing machines in order to engrave different designs and a laminating machine.
  • An intelligent storage pit with a capacity for 6000 tons.
  • 63 inches / 160 cm wide offline coater.

SOURCE: J. Vilaseca, S.A.