Mondi to Close Newsprint Machine in South Africa

Mondi will close one of its newsprint machines at the Merebank mill in South Africa.

May 13, 2013 - Mondi said that its South Africa Division plans to close a newsprint machine at its Merebank mill in South Africa.

The company did not disclose when it plans to close the machine, but did say that “consultations with employee representatives are in progress.”

In a May 3 interim management statement, Mondi said, “. . .as a result of the ongoing decline in domestic newsprint demand and reorganisation within the publishing sector, the decision has been taken to close one of the two newsprint machines in Merebank. The newsprint business will continue to operate one newsprint machine with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tonnes per annum.”

In addition, Mondi said that it will close the South Africa Division's woodchip export operations.

The Mondi Merebank Mill produces a range of office paper including the premium South African brand, Mondi Rotatrim. Mondi Shanduka Newsprint (MSN) is also housed in Merebank, and produces newsprint and telephone directory paper, primarily for the South African market.