Domtar's Lignin Separation Plant Onstream at Plymouth, NC Mill

April 30, 2013 - Metso announced that Domtar has successfully started up a commercial-scale LignoBoost™ lignin separation plant at its Plymouth, North Carolina mill, in the USA. This is the first commercial installation of a LignoBoost plant in the world and the technology is supplied by Metso.

The LignoBoost plant is integrated with the pulp mill and separates and collects lignin from the pulping liquor. Besides using lignin as a bio-based alternative to fossil fuel, separation of a portion of the mill’s total lignin production also off-loads the recovery boiler and allows an increase in pulp production capacity, Metso noted.

Domtar’s production of BioChoiceTM lignin began in February with a targeted rate of 75 tons a day. A wide range of applications and markets for BioChoice lignin are being developed including fuels, resins, and thermoplastics, Metso said.

"The technology has been developed by Innventia in Sweden, in association with Chalmers University of Technology," said Gene Christiansen, Senior Manager, Business Development Innovations at Metso's Power business line for North America. "Metso purchased it and is furthering the development. We continue to work together to refine the technology to develop new lignin applications in partnership for current and future customers.

"LignoBoost has generated a great deal of interest in the pulp and paper industry globally and this is a major breakthrough for all parties involved in this first-of-a-kind project," Christiansen added.

Note: BioChoice is a trademark of Domtar. LignoBoost is a trademark of Metso.