U.S. Printing-Writing Paper Shipments Fell in December 2012

Total printing-writing paper shipments decreased 9 percent in December 2012 compared to December 2011.

Jan. 25, 2013 - The American Forest & Paper Association in its December 2012 U.S. Printing-Writing Paper Report said that total printing-writing paper shipments decreased 9 percent in December compared to December 2011.

For the year of 2012, printing-writing and related paper shipments were 4.6 percent below the 2011 level. All four of the major printing-writing grades posted decreases compared to last December, with inventory levels increasing in November, led by double-digit increases in mechanical grade papers.

Additional key findings include:

  • December shipments of coated free sheet (CFS) papers decreased 7 percent when compared to December 2011 and were down 3 percent for the year in 2012. Year-to-date imports of CFS through November were down 12 percent compared to the 11-month period in 2011.
  • Uncoated free sheet (UFS) papers shipments decreased 7 percent compared to December. Annual purchases of UFS papers for the year were down 4 percent compared to 2011. Year-to-date UFS imports are up 4 percent in 2012 compared to same 11 months in 2011.
  • December uncoated mechanical (UM) paper shipments decreased 27 percent when compared to December 2011, with annual shipments 17 percent below 2011 levels.
  • December shipments of coated mechanical (CM) papers decreased 10 percent compared to December 2011 and 5 percent for the year.

The complete report with detailed tables, charts, and historical data can be purchased by contacting Caroline Nealon at Statistics_Publications@afandpa.org or 202-463-2448.