NPTA Alliance Unveils 2013 Strategic Initiatives

Jan. 10, 2013 - The NPTA Alliance Board of Directors recently adopted a strategic plan for 2013-2015 and revised mission statement. NPTA's mission is to actively support the success of member firms through the delivery of networking, education, advocacy and industry trends focused on the health of the paper distribution channel, which reflects a focus on paper merchants and mill partners as the sole membership base.

In support of this three-year plan and updated mission, NPTA has adopted revised strategic objectives that include:

  • Offering stimulating networking events which unite current members and attract new members.
  • Providing year-round, cost-effective educational and training opportunities for member firms and their customers.
  • Supporting advocacy efforts on behalf of the paper and print industries.
  • Serving as a unique and relevant resource for industry data and trends that impact member firms.

"Following extensive market research efforts, strategic planning sessions and the evaluation of our resources, the NPTA Board has devised strategic objectives and priorities for the next three years to foster growth within the organization and its member firms," said NPTA CEO Kevin Gammonley.

"Our primary focus will be on facilitating the flow of information and education between paper merchants, printers, and print and paper buyers that drive efficiencies, and create learning opportunities."

In 2013, NPTA's strategic priorities will include:

  • Partner with the printer community NPTA will reach out to the printer community to address value chain issues and opportunities between mills, merchants and printers. These include reducing costs, waste and redundancies in the channel, as well as addressing end-user perceptions about paper.
  • Partner with the European paper merchant community NPTA will investigate and facilitate opportunities for the exchange of ideas, solutions and trend analysis between its members and the European paper merchant community.
  • Focus on paper and print buyers NPTA will investigate opportunities to help NPTA members increase understanding of and build relationships with a younger demographic of paper and print buyers.

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