Sappi Fine Paper North America Slates $2.5 Million for Coater Upgrade at Westbook Mill

Sappi Fine Paper North America will spend $2.5 million to upgrade the #20 coater at its Westbrook Mill in Maine.

Jan. 9, 2013 - Sappi Fine Paper North America today announced the approval for its $2.5 million capital project to re-build a specialty paper coater at its Westbrook Mill in Westbrook, Maine.

According to Sappi, the project involves an upgrade in the web handling, coating and drying capabilities of #20 coater, which will result in expanded manufacturing capacity, allow for use of a wider range of raw materials and improve energy efficiency.

"This is tremendous news for Westbrook Mill," said Donna Cassese, Managing Director, Westbrook Mill, SFPNA. "Over the past few years, we have made significant gains in safety, yield, equipment reliability, and productivity; all of which have strengthened our market position globally. These accomplishments helped set the stage for the decision to invest in our Classics line."

The Westbrook Mill makes specialized release papers. The Classics line is used to provide the textures and patterns for synthetic fabrics used in automobiles, fashionable footwear and apparel as well as decorative laminate surfaces found in flooring, kitchens, and baths, Sappi said.

Sappi expects the re-build to be completed by May of 2013.

SOURCE: Sappi Fine Paper North America