Whole Foods Moves to Mineralized Coating for Deli Boxes

The Rocky Mountain Region of grocer Whole Foods Market plans to introduce its 100% recycled paperboard deli boxes with a coating made from 40% calcium carbonate.

Aug. 27, 2012 (Packaging World) - Whole Foods Market’s Rocky Mountain Region is preparing to launch two sizes of paperboard deli containers with a new coating that replaces 100% polyethylene with one that combines PE and calcium carbonate, for a reduction in the use of plastics.

Jim McConnell, store supplies and services specialist for the region, says that the use of Smart Planet Technologies’ clear EarthCoating™ is an “in-the-meantime solution” that will reduce Whole Foods’ use of PE while suppliers, including Smart Planet, work on developing a coating that can be certified compostable.

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SOURCE: Packaging World