von Drehle Awarded Recertification from Green Seal

Aug. 8, 2012 - The von Drehle Corporation said that it has received recertification under the Green Seal™ Standard for Sanitary Paper Products - GS-1. von Drehle was recently awarded this third-party recertification for its Preserve®, Feather Soft®, and Blue Mist® towel and tissue products.

According to von Drehle, the new Green Seal Standard for Sanitary Paper Products, GS-1, establishes stricter and more comprehensive guidelines for environmental, health, and social requirements for products such as bathroom tissue and paper towels — for both institutional and retail markets. This standard addresses the primary life cycle issues for sanitary paper products from product performance, raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and use. For more than two decades, Green Seal has been certifying goods and services that meet the highest standards of environmental quality as well as product performance.

Founded in 1974, and with an emphasis on 100% recycled paper products, the von Drehle Corporation manufactures towel and tissue products for the away-from-home market in the United States. The von Drehle Corporation is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, with production facilities in Cordova and Maiden, North Carolina, Memphis, Tennessee, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

SOURCE: von Drehle Corporation