Palm Paper PM 7 Hits One Millionth Tonne of Newsprint

July 13, 2012 - Palm Paper announced that on July 6 PM 7 at its newsprint mill in King's Lynn, UK, produced its one millionth tonne of newsprint.

In a statement, Palm Paper sias, "This is a remarkable achievement and a milestone that has been reached far earlier than was the expectation at the start-up of the machine on the 21st August 2009. To mark the occasion the rolls produced for pressrooms throughout the UK will be labelled with special gold one millionth tonne labels in recognition of this achievement."

With a width of 10.63 meters, PM7 has the capacity to produce 400,000 tonnes of high quality newsprint per year from 100 % recycled fibers.

According to Palm Paper, Voith, the paper machine manufacturer of Lynn PM7, measures the respective learning curves of newsprint machines during the first two years of production and PM7 achieved the very best ever learning curve status in the world of newsprint.

"Lynn PM7 has been running very stable at a constant speed of 1,875 metres per minute (equivalent to 75 mph) which is only 25 metres per minute behind the most efficient newsprint machine in the world," Palm Paper added.

In addition to the standard newsprint grades that Palm Paper supplies to all national and most regional publishers, the company has been developing a new grade which is marketed under the trade name of Palm Top. The product is being supplied to the heatset and gravure printing sectors and is used for the printing of magazines and commercial fliers and brochures.

Palm Paper is a division within the Papierfabrik Palm Group.

SOURCE: Palm Paper