Sonoco's Patented Radial Crush Tester Now Commercially Available

June 7, 2012 - Sonoco announced today the commercial availability of its patented radial crush tester, which measures the radial strength of paper cores by simulating the pressures applied during the winding processes of rolled products such as plastic films and textiles.

According to David E. Rhodes, director of Global Industrial Technology, Sonoco's radial crush tester is the result of several decades of engineering development work.

"In response to the needs of our tube and core customers, we have been committed to understanding the properties of radial crush technology for many years," Rhodes said. "We developed radial crush testing so we could help customers prevent failures during the winding process and optimize tube designs. Today it remains an essential test for many of the cores we supply."

Sonoco's radial crush tester has been endorsed by the Composite Can and Tube Institute as an accepted test method (CCTI Standard Testing Procedure T-158). Each tester is manufactured by Sonoco, and order fulfillment requires approximately 12 weeks.

In keeping with Sonoco's commitment to safety, the radial crush tester has been evaluated by an independent safety advisor and subjected to a human factors engineering review. The tester includes an operations manual, which details testing procedures, safety, installation, troubleshooting, warranty and parts.

A price list available for control unit and hydraulics, as well as various chamber sizes, is available at:

Sonoco is the world's largest producer of spiral-wound uncoated recycled paperboard tubes and cores that serve as carriers for numerous products serving the film, paper mill, textiles, tape and labels, metals, construction, shipping and storage markets. The Company operates approximately 90 converting facilities on five continents.

SOURCE: Sonoco