Voith Offers Free Online Energy Analysis of a Paper Mill's Fine Screening System

June 6, 2012 - Paper machinery supplier Voith has launched a free-of-charge, online tool which evaluates the energy efficiency of a paper mill's fine screening system. The tool is called ScreenFitNavigator.

According to Voith, a large number of screening systems are operated in an energy-inefficient manner — the result of a 2011 benchmark study in which Voith analyzed different generations and process variants of fine screening systems. Thus 70% of all screening systems investigated showed considerable potential for optimization.

Voith's ScreenFitNavigator online benchmark test offers all paper manufacturers the chance to check the energy efficiency of their fine screening (slot screening) in the stock preparation.

For the analysis, system operators input into the website a few parameters and the focus of their screening quality program. The analysis is done instantly and returned in the form of a PDF document that is sent via email. If potential is found in the quick test, Voith provides a more detailed analysis. Dedicated experts ('ScreenFit doctors') can then work out a specific program for improvement after comprehensive measurements.

Just a few weeks after the launch of the tool, many paper manufacturers from all over the world had performed the test at www.ScreenFitNavigator.com and received a quick and nonbinding energy assessment of their fine screening system, Voith said.

The Navigator is available in English, German and Chinese.

SOURCE: Voith Paper