Lecta to Take Market Related Downtime on Coated Fine Paper Machines in Europe

June 5, 2012 (Press Release) - Lecta, the second largest coated fine paper manufacturer in Europe, confirms downtimes at several paper machines during next months.

In the face of current market conditions Lecta is committed to adjusting its production to current and expected order entry levels.

The global downtimes of all Lecta's CWF paper machines will represent a reduction of around 10% of quarterly production capacity.

Lecta has scheduled downtimes in a manner that ensures that current levels of customer service will not be affected.

Lecta is one of the largest manufacturers of coated woodfree paper in the world. It operates in three businesses: (1) the manufacture of coated fine paper, with current production capacity of about 1,410,000 tons per year. (2) the manufacture of about 200,000 tons of specialty paper and 100,000 tons of base paper. (3) Lecta is a distributor of paper in Iberia, France and Argentina where it sells around 470,000 tons.