Stora Enso Appoints Parul Sharma as Vice President, Global Responsibility

Parul Sharma

May 21, 2012 - Stora Enso said that one of the top corporate social responsibility experts in the Nordic countries specializing in human rights issues, Parul Sharma, will join the company as Vice President, Global Responsibility, for the Renewable Packaging Business Area, effective June 18, 2012.

Sharma joins Stora Enso from Sandvik AB, where she has worked as Global Head of CSR Auditing. She has trained and advised more than forty Swedish companies, investors and government agencies on how to integrate CSR practices into business operations.

Since 2004 Sharma has been working on CSR issues and human rights strategies for Swedish companies operating in Asia. She has acted as Human Rights Advisor to Amnesty Business Group, the European Commission and the European Public Law Centre.

In 2011, Sharma was ranked as the most influential CSR expert in Sweden.

"We warmly welcome Parul Sharma to our team as she complements our current competences and can help us better understand our challenges, identify actions needed and implement changes in our demanding investment environments, especially in Asia," said Mats Nordlander, Executive Vice President, Renewable Packaging. "Social and human rights aspects of corporate responsibility are becoming increasingly important for all global companies, and openness and transparency are key issues for obtaining licences to operate in growth markets."

SOURCE: Stora Enso