UPM Plattling Mill Products Granted EU Ecolabel

May 15, 2012 - UPM said that all paper products produced at UPM Plattling mill in Germany have now been granted the EU Ecolabel.

Reels and sheets supplied by the mill complement the comprehensive range of UPM paper products already carrying the EU Ecolabel which is geographically the most extensive eco-label available. The label guarantees that paper meets strict environmental criteria concerning air and water emissions as well as energy and chemical consumption. In addition, the origin of all wood fibre must be known.

"The EU Ecolabel is a proof of our products’ excellent overall environmental performance and thus low environmental impact,” says Paivi Rissanen, UPM's Environmental Director for Paper Business Group.

To date almost all UPM copy and graphic papers produced in Europe have been awarded the EU Ecolabel, UPM said.

All in all about 8 million tonnes of UPM paper will be able to carry the EU Ecolabel award by end of 2012, the company added.

Supported by the European Commission and all EU member states the Ecolabel offers guidance to consumers and purchasers, who wish to be sure of buying products with superior environmental performance.

UPM Plattling mill, with an annual production capacity of 780,000 tonnes, produces Lightweight Coated (LWC) and Supercalendered (SC) papers. Products: LWC and SC