Yazoo Mills to Construct New Facility in Hanover, PA

Feb. 16, 2012 - Yazoo Mills has been approved to build a 45,000 square foot warehousing and manufacturing plant in Hanover, Pennsylvania (USA).

According to Yazoo, the new facility will be a major expansion for the company and will mark its 110 year anniversary.

The new building is being constructed of precast concrete wall systems, utilizing the most modern building design available in the market place today. Yazoo’s customers will benefit from an expanded level of same day and next day services with this expansion.

The company plans to break ground in April and the project is targeted to be completed by December 2012. When completed, Yazoo will operate 2 facilities totaling 195,000 square feet.

Yazoo Mills is one of America's largest family-owned manufacturers of paper tubes and cores, and specializes in short runs and automated core cutting services. For more information visit: www.yazoomills.com

SOURCE: Yazoo Mills