RockTenn Releases Mill Fiber Grade Specification Throughout Mill Supply System

Dec. 12, 2011 (Press Release) - RockTenn announced that, as part of its fiber quality initiative, recovered fiber grade specification standards have been implemented throughout the company’s mill supply system.

“By formalizing our recovered fiber standards, we are able to better communicate to our suppliers and the market which materials we will accept at each of our mills. This will help us to streamline our receiving practices while monitoring the quality of our fiber supply,” said Linda Leone, Vice President of Fiber Mill Supply.

Consistent quality and reliable service are integral attributes of RockTenn’s recovered fiber mills. The company works closely with hundreds of internal and external secondary fiber generators to provide efficient, supplier-friendly service. As an end user of its own product, RockTenn’s business model is inherently sustainable, capturing valuable efficiencies throughout the material life cycle.

The recovered fiber mill specification sheets are located by facility on the Company’s website at:

SOURCE: RockTenn