Joint Venture to Build Paper Mill in Isabela, Philippines

The proposed mill would use corn stalks and rice hays as its raw material.

Oct. 14, 2011 - "A hundred million dollar foreign investment project in the province will be implemented particularly in paper production out of corn stalks," said Governor Faustino G. Dy III of Isabela, the second largest province of the Philippines.

According to a news report from the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), the paper mill project is a joint venture of American and Korean investors who want to construct a paper mill in the city of Cauayan. The proposed mill would use corn stalks and rice hays as its raw material for papermaking.

Gov. Dy said that in the past few months, the representatives of the Korean and American firms conducted a survey and feasibility studies and have decided to establish paper mill facilities in the first quarter of 2012.

Gov. Dy said the company will be needing 15 thousand hectares of corn lands for corn stalks to sustain the operation of the paper mill.

"The company will buy the corn stalks from farmers and that will be additional income of corn farmers and will also be one way of controlling agriculture waste," Gov. Dy said.

The news report added that if the paper mill is successful, its operation would be expanded in the northern part of Isabela where vast tracks of corn lands are located.

SOURCE: Philippine Information Agency (excerpt from a story written by Merlito G. Edale, Jr.)