Ilim Group's RUR 310 Million Power Generation Project at Bratsk on Schedule

July 11, 2011 - Ilim Group said that it is completing the second stage of the Rebuild of Facilities for Preparation, Storage, and Feeding Wood and Bark Waste for Incineration project [at Bratsk Branch in Russia] launched last year.

The total cost of the work under the project exceeds RUR 310 million.

The key purpose of the project is to increase the Mill's power generation capacity through incineration of bark waste in bark boilers which will yield additional steam and electric power at the Mill. This will facilitate the reduction of third-party energy consumption.

Bark waste supply was planned using a state-of-the-art conveyor system. 600 m of belt conveyor was started up during the first stage in late 2010. The conveyor was extended by another 540 m in June 2011. The second stage of the project also includes installation of five belt conveyors feeding bark and saw dust to the bark boilers for incineration. This line will ultimately be connected to the conveyor installed at the first stage.

Project completion in late 2011 will facilitate annual power savings of up to RUR 50 million to significantly reduce finished product cost.

Ilim's Bratsk Branch includes a pulp and containerboard mill with an annual capacity of over 715,000 tonnes of pulp and paper. It is one of the major producers in the Russian pulp and paper industry, traditionally supplying market pulp and containerboard to South-East Asia. The mill's products include: bleached hardwood and softwood kraft pulp, unbleached kraft pulp, kraftliner and wood chemicals.

SOURCE: Ilim Group