CPI Elects Will Oldham as Vice President, President-Elect

Will Oldham

May 24, 2011 - CPI (Confederation of Paper Industries) has elected Will Oldham as vice president / president-elect, in advance of assuming the role of President later in 2011.

Oldham has worked for UPM UK since his appointment as general manager UK, in June 2008. He joined CPI Council in September 2008, taking over from Kevin Lyden OBE, former managing director at UPM UK.

Oldham brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and experience having previously held the positions of business general manager, and sales & marketing director, at International Paperís European Division. Prior to that, Oldham was managing director for Scholastic Book Fairs UK, as well as having held senior roles with the Robert Horne Group.

Current CPI president Bob McLellan is set to retire from the role at the end of 2011. Bob joined CPI Council in June 2003 and became the president of CPI in October 2008, taking over from Kevin Lyden.

CPI (www.paper.org.uk) is the voice and face of the UK paper industry, representing papermakers, tissue manufacturers, corrugated packaging producers and recovered paper merchants.