European Shipments of Most Publication Paper Grades Up in March

April 27, 2011 - CEPIPRINT, the Association of European Publication Paper Producers, has issued its monthly summary of European (Western + Eastern) mechanical paper statistics.

According to CEPIPRINT, with the exception of Newsprint, European shipments overseas for the mechanical publication grades showed a healthy increase year-on-year in March.

In the SC-magazine paper sector, total european shipments were up 6.1% (23,000 tonnes) in March. The bulk of the increase came from exports of the grade, which climbed 43.7% (22,000 tonnes) against March 2010.

Meanwhile, European demand for SC-magazine sat flat compared to the same period last year.

Looking at Coated Mechanical Reels (CMR), European shipments overseas rose 32.8% (34,000 tonnes) year-on-year. The rise was solely responsible for the 4.2% (32,000 tonnes) hike in total European shipments as shipments to Europe dipped 0.8%.

A similar picture of exports can be seen in the Uncoated Mechanical (UM) paper sector, where overseas shipments were up 22.3% (8,000 tonnes) in March. Higher exports coupled with a 4.5% (9,000 tonnes) rise in domestic shipments boosted total European shipments of UM by 7.2% (16,000 tonnes) year-on-year.

In the Newsprint sector, however, exports were down 13.3% (22,000 tonnes) in March and European demand fell 3.9% (32,000 tonnes) compared to the year-earlier period.

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