Monadnock Paper Mills Now an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner

Feb. 3, 2011 (Press Release) - Monadnock Paper Mills said that it is now an EPA SmartWay® Transport Partner.

SmartWay is a U.S. EPA program designed to address a variety of environmental issues and impacts associated with transportation‚ such as greenhouse gas emissions‚ fuel consumption‚ criteria pollutants (NOx and PM) and overall costs associated with over-the-ground transport.

The goal the EPA has set for reductions in environmental impacts by 2012 equates to the equivalent removal of 12 million cars from the nation’s highways. This voluntary public-private initiative will help significantly improve the environment and reduce transport operating costs.

Partner enrollment requirements for shippers include measuring current shipments via SmartWay carriers and committing to ship 50% of all goods via SmartWay carriers. They also require improving facility transportation within three years and creating an overall action plan with annual reports submitted to the EPA.

“Going into the program‚ we are happy to report that Monadnock already meets the goals set forth by the EPA‚” says Chris Benincasa‚ vice president, Supply Chain for Monadnock. “Further reducing emissions and supporting those carriers that do so as well are in tune with our corporate objectives and are good for business overall.”

The SmartWay logo will be displayed on corporate literature as a sign of Monadnock’s continuing commitment to environmental stewardship‚ one more step to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

SOURCE: Monadnock Paper Mills‚ Inc.