Poyry Awarded EUR 8.4 Million Engineering Contract for Pulp Mill in Brazil

Jan. 13, 2011 - Poyry said that it s Industry Business Group has been awarded an EUR 8.4 million basic and detailed engineering contract by Eldorado Celulose e Papel Ltda for a 1.5 million tonnes per year bleached eucalyptus market pulp mill to be built in Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil.

The contract also includes the suppliers' document management.

The contract is a continuation of the pre-engineering and preparatory work for the mill infrastructure that Pöyry was awarded in early 2010.

According to Poyry, the concept of the mill is based on the use of the best available technologies (BAT) and the best environmental practices.

"The technical-environmental criteria established for this project are based on international norms and standards and, mainly, on the Brazilian experience, which will make it possible for the mill to produce more with less use of natural resources, low production costs, progressive environmental impact reduction and minimum work accident risks," Poyry said in a written statement.

Poyry expects the duration of its engineering services to take about 14 months.


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