Twin Rivers Paper Launches Border Brite Publishing Paper

Jan. 12, 2011 (Press Release) - Twin Rivers Paper Company announces the launch of a new lightweight, high-bright hybrid publishing paper, Border Brite. Manufactured with a proprietary fiber blend that delivers the brightness of freesheet and the opacity advantages of groundwood, Border Brite is ideal for financial printing applications, reference books and catalogs.

"Publishers are looking for ways to lower costs without compromising quality or performance. Border Brite and our other hybrid products meet that challenge," commented Stuart Strong Jr., Publishing Product Segment Manager. "As one of the first groundwood-containing papers in the market with a brightness level that rivals freesheet, Border Brite defines a new category of premium hybrid papers that delivers versatility and performance."

Border Brite is a lightweight, high-bright (86) paper available in a basis weight range of 26-38 lb. It is machine-finished, providing printers the optimal surface smoothness for large-volume applications. As with all Twin Rivers publishing papers, Border Brite is available with recycled content up to 30% and SFI/FSC fiber certification.

Prior to commercialization, Twin Rivers selected several large web publication printers to test the paper. The data from the beta-testing indicates that Border Brite performs on press, especially in the areas of flying splices, tension stability and roll-to-roll pasting. Additionally the new paper prints very cleanly with line-type work and in areas of heavier solids.

"When managing costs down to the penny, publishers know they can look to Twin Rivers to help them pinpoint the exact fiber content, brightness and opacity needed for a particular project. Border Brite and the rest of our publishing papers deliver a spectrum of choices to align with project requirements and budget," said Jim Gehrman, Vice President of Sales. "Our customers value the quality of our papers and our continued commitment to product innovation."

To order a Border Brite Kit, contact Twin Rivers at 1.800.920.9988 or visit

SOURCE: Twin Rivers Paper Company