West Fraser Moving Ahead with $37 Million Upgrade Project at Hinton Pulp

Nov. 12, 2010 - West Fraser said that it will proceed with a $37 million energy efficiency upgrade of the pulp machine at its Hinton Pulp mill in Alberta, Canada. The project will be funded with credits earned under the Canadian federal government’s “Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program.”

According to West Fraser, the pulp machine upgrade will allow Hinton Pulp to produce more pulp with greater energy efficiency and produce additional energy. The additional energy will be enough to power approximately 720 average homes.

The mill’s natural gas consumption is expected to be reduced by more than 55,000 gigajoules per year and greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be reduced by more than 2,750 tonnes annually, West Fraser said.

As a result of this project and other initiatives, the company expects pulp production to increase to 420,000 tonnes, returning the mill to levels achieved when the mill ran two production lines.

SOURCE: West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd