Myllykoski Paper to Take Temporary Downtime on PM 6 in Finland

Nov. 8, 2010 - Myllykoski said that it has decided to temporarily idle PM 6 — an SC (supercalendered) paper machine — at its Myllykoski Paper mill in Finland.

According to the company, production on PM 6 will be stop at the end of November and the downtime will last until the end of the year.

A portion of the mill's personnel will be laid off, Myllykoski said.

About 80 people work directly on PM 6 in production, Myllykoski added.

Myllykoski also said there is a possibility that production curtailments will be continued in January.

PM 6 produces 145,000 tons per year of uncoated publication paper.

Myllykoski said production on the mill's two other paper machines — PM 4 and PM 7 — will continue normally.

Myllykoski Paper produces mechanical publication papers on three paper machines and one coating machine. In 2008 the mill produced approximately 330,000 tonnes of uncoated supercalendered (SC) paper and around 200,000 tonnes of medium-weight coated (MWC) publication paper. Roughly 90 per cent of total production is exported.

SOURCE: Myllykoski