Harmac Pulp Mill Receives $4.31 Million for Energy Project

Oct. 13, 2010 - Minister of State Gary Lunn today announced that the Harmac Pacific pulp mill in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada will receive $4.31 million under the Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program for lime kiln and hog press upgrades.

The government funding will be used for upgrades to improve the mill's energy efficiency and enhance its environmental performance.

“Our Government's investment in energy efficient technology will help Harmac reduce its energy costs while becoming increasingly green and competitive, which is a great result for this community,” said Minister Lunn.

“We have made great strides in improving the environmental performance of our forest sector — strengthening its competitiveness and helping industry position itself for future global marketplace opportunities,” Lund added.

According to Natural Resources Canada (NRC), the planned upgrades will allow the mill to better control the amount of energy that is consumed, process more wood fuel and help displace the use of fossil fuels.

NRC also said that the expected energy savings will help Harmac reduce its reliance on natural gas by approximately 108,000 gigajoules annually — the amount of energy consumed each year by over 1,000 Canadian households.

“These fossil fuel savings will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5,000 metric tonnes a year,” NRC said in a written statement.

“Forestry plays a key role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of Nanaimo,” said Dr. James Lunney, Member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Alberni. “This investment is good news — for our forestry workers, for the local economy and for the forest industry in British Columbia.”

Nanaimo Forest Products is one of 24 pulp and paper companies across Canada that qualified for credits under the $1-billion program, based on their 2009 production levels of black liquor, a liquid by-product of the pulping process used to generate heat and power.

SOURCE: Government of Canada and Natural Resources Canada