Mondi Completes EUR 545 Million Mill Upgrade Project in Russia

  Mondi's Syktyvkar mill in Russia

Sept. 29, 2010 - Mondi announced today the completion of its EUR 545 million STEP project at the company's Syktyvkar mill in Russia.

According to Mondi, the project, which began on July 1, 2008, is the largest mill modernization project in the Russian pulp and paper industry.

"We are proud to announce the successful completion of the STEP project," said David Hathorn, Group CEO of Mondi. "The project serves as a prime example of Mondi’s strategic approach to invest in assets which will yield great benefits for our customers allowing us to better service the Russian domestic market and export markets in particular.”

The overall focus of the project included replacing obsolete technologies, enhancing mill safety, employing additional environmental measures and increasing the quality and competitiveness of Mondi’s products.

Mondi said that the investment has enabled the mill to increase its product quality and output for containerboard, uncoated woodfree and newsprint paper. The wood yard has the capacity to debark and chip four million cubic meters of soft and hardwood logs annually — an increase of 25% — with a projected fiber production of 900,000 tonnes.

Production of board, paper and market pulp is expected to increase by more than 20% to over a million tonnes per year, Mondi said. The upgrades also include: the installation of a new lime kiln with daily burnt lime production of up to 700 tonnes, a new recovery boiler that burns 3,560 tonnes of dry solids per day and a 100MW turbo generator.

The mill has also been fitted with modern equipment of the highest possible environmental standards that will reduce daily water consumption by 40% to 206,000m³, trap 99.9% of dust and odorous gases arising from the burning process, Mondi added.

STEP at a Glance

  • The new mill facilities spans 48,000 square meters – an area equivalent to the size of seven football fields
  • Construction of a new wood yard to handle 4 million m3 of wood per year
  • Rebuild of softwood and hardwood pulp production lines
  • Rebuild of White Liquor plant, construction of a new lime kiln with the capacity of 700 tonnes of burnt lime per day
  • Construction of a new soda recovery boiler. Capacity: 3,560 tonnes of dry substances per day
  • Installation of a new turbo-generator with the capacity of 100MW
  • New evaporation plant with the capacity of 550 tonnes of water per hour and two new cooling towers
  • Rebuild of PM 14 (office paper production) and PM 21 (board production)

Environmental Modernization

  • A new evaporation train with the capacity to hold 550 tonnes of evaporated water per hour has contributed to reductions in water consumption and two cooling towers permit water re-use. In total, the new equipment has resulted in a decrease in water usage from the Vychegda River from 349,000 m3 per day down to 206,000 m3
  • The new lime kiln traps 99.9% of the dust arising from the burning process
  • The new soda recovery boiler replaced the three older boilers and any odorous gases from the burning process are now collected and burnt in the recovery boiler
  • Together with this recovery boiler, a new 100 MW turbo generator was constructed from which the Republic of Komi receives additional green energy, produced from biomass