European Exports of Publication Grade Papers Up in May

July 8, 2010 - CEPIPRINT, the Association of European Publication Paper Producers, recently released its monthly summary of European (Western + Eastern) mechanical paper statistics for May 2010.

Shipments overseas were strong for all European publication paper grades in May compared to the year earlier period.

Exports of Newsprint climbed almost 10% (14,000 tonnes) in May, taking total European shipments of the grade to 878,000 tonnes, up 1% (9,000 tonnes). Total Newsprint exports for 2010 y-t-d were up 25% (150,000 tonnes) by the end of May.

In the SC-Magazine paper sector, shipments in May to outside Europe rose 11% (6,000 tonnes). The y-t-d level of SC exports is up 13% (31,000 tonnes) so far. European demand for the grade edged up 3% in May, which represents a rise in demand of 8,000 tonnes against the same period last year.

Looking at Coated Mechanical Reels, this paper sector saw shipments overseas soar by 65% (54,000 tonnes) in May year-on-year. Total European shipments of CMR were up 21% (117,000 tonnes) during the same period on the back of the strong exports plus a 13% (61,000 tonnes) rise in local European demand.

Uncoated Mechanical also recorded a boost to shipments overseas in May. Exports climbed 35% (13,000 tonnes), which has boosted the y-t-d level of exports for the grade by 26% (39,000 tonnes) so far. Demand improved 9% in May year-on-year, representing a 15,000-tonne rise.

The Association of European Publication Paper Producers, CEPIPRINT asbl, is a legally and financially independent association based in Brussels Belgium. It is a non-profit making organisation funded by its members, who are manufacturers of newsprint and magazine paper grades in Europe CEPIPRINT membership currently includes 52 companies belonging to 17 independent groups, over 60 paper mills and 165 paper machines in 13 European countries.

CEPIPRINT is also an affiliated member of the Pulp and Paper Product Council (PPPC), Montreal, Canada.


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