Fire Damages Part of Tembec's Chetwynd, BC Pulp Mill

July 6, 2010 - Tembec said that on June 30 its high yield pulp mill in Chetwynd, British Columbia, Canada experienced a fire that was primarily concentrated in the log storage and chip pile area of the mill site.

Emergency procedures were followed and there were no injuries to any employees, Tembec said.

Assessments by mill personnel and outside resources have indicated that damage to the pulp production area of the mill is relatively minor. In terms of direct loss, the company estimated that roughly 40,000 cubic metres of fibre (chips and logs) were destroyed.

There was also some damage to the scales, chip receiving and unloading equipment, chip conveyors and related electrical services, Tembec added.

While the chip and log piles continue to smolder, the situation is considered well under control, Tembec said.

In a written statement, Tembec said site personnel and outside resources are already beginning their work at the mill to address electrical and mechanical repairs, with procurement and delivery of necessary materials and equipment already well underway. Current estimates are that the mill will be out of service for between 14 and 18 days from the date of the fire, resulting in lost production of approximately 10,000 tonnes.

Tembec said that there will be no disruption of supply to contract business, given the fact that it has two other high yield pulp mills from which to supply the needs of its customers.

SOURCE: Tembec

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