Recovered Fiber Consumption Down in November

Jan. 12, 2009 - According to the American Forest & Paper Associationís November 2008 Recycled Paper Monthly Report, total U.S. industry consumption of recovered fiber decreased 8.5% in November compared to November 2007. For the second consecutive month, current month consumption has registered the steepest year-ago decline of 2008, down by 7.2% from last month and lagging by 2.3% for the year-to-date.

U.S. receipts of recovered fiber dropped 9.8% in November versus same month last year. With receipts dropping at a steeper rate than consumption, inventory levels edged down by 3.3% from October 2008.

Similar to the prior month, the November data shows the largest year-ago percent changes in consumption of Newsprint and Pulp Substitutes, down by 9.2% and 25.3% from November 2007, respectively. However, the change from the October 2008 data is up by 12.2% for Newsprint and down by 7.7% for Pulp Substitutes. Corrugated consumption had the largest volume decrease, down 137,000 tons from November 2007, yet remains just 1.2% behind 2007 in year-to-date comparison.

According to AF&PA members, receipts were down 2.3% year-to-date, with mill inventories dropping by a similar 2.1% over the same eleven month period.

The October 2008 U.S. exports of recovered paper stock rose to 1.590 million tons, a 4.5% increase from September 2008, but down 7.8% from October 2007.

U.S. imports of recovered paper stock in October 2008 fell by 16,885 tons to 62,063, a 21.4% decrease from last month. Due to an ongoing inquiry with the U.S. Census Bureau, total September 2007 imports of recovered paper stock are unavailable and, as such, year-to-date changes cannot be evaluated at this time.

AF&PA data represents over 85% of the North American consumption of recycled paper.


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