Swedish Pulp Production Up Four Percent in 2008

Nov. 20 2008 - The total production of market pulp in Sweden for the first nine months of 2008 reached 3.2 million tons, an increase of four percent compared to the same period 2007, according to a news report on Papernet. Production of paper and board increased slightly with 0.6 percent, the report stated.

Mechanical pulp production decreased compared to last year's figures, due to mill closures in June. Chemical pulp production rose by six percent and reached 2.8 million tons. During the year, tonnages have moved from integrated to market pulp due to paper mill closures.

Total pulp exports were 2.6 million tons, a decrease by one percent compared to the figures for 2007.

Total deliveries of chemical pulp amounted to 2.7 million tons, a small increase by 0.5 percent. Domestic deliveries reached 401,000 tons, an increase of seven percent, due to the above mentioned change from integrated to market pulp. Exports of chemical pulp reached 2.3 million tons, and deliveries to the EU fell by one percent and were 1.8 million tons, while exports to other European countries rose by 14 percent.

At the end of September, producers' inventories of chemical pulp were 402,000 tons – almost unchanged compared to inventories at the end of June.

Production of paper and board increased slightly with 0.6 percent to 8.9 million tons compared with the previous year. Mill closures during the last year have influenced production and delivery figures.

Exports for the first nine months are almost unchanged, and reached 7.7 million tons. Exports of printing and writing papers decreased by three percent to 2.2 million tons, while deliveries of newsprint increased by three percent. Deliveries to EU fell slightly to 5.6 million tons, while exports to other Europeen countries rose by eight percent. Deliveries to Asia continued to increase and were now 948,000 tons.

For the period January - September, domestic deliveries of paper and board fell by three percent to one million ton.

SOURCE: Papernet

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