Stora Enso's Whiting Mill Wins Environmental Award

July 3, 2006 - In recognition of its innovative pollution prevention efforts, Stora Enso's Whiting Mill recently received the 2006 Wisconsin Business “Friend of the Environment” Award.

The Wisconsin Environmental Working Group, an affiliate of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, has recognized companies with its Friend of the Environment Award for 17 years. Winners are chosen for programs that demonstrate an innovative approach to environmental protection, or a level of effort beyond that required by regulatory compliance.

In 2005, Whiting Mill initiated two fossil fuel reduction projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize sludge land-filling and reduce operating costs.

The mill completed a bark-burning enhancement project that allowed the mill to more than double the amount of bark burned in 2004, reducing coal consumption by about 15,120 tons per year. This represents an approximate reduction in fossil carbon dioxide emissions (greenhouse gas) of 28,300 short tons per year.

The Whiting Mill's other project involved recovering heat energy from a wastewater stream, reducing the amounts of coal and gas required to heat fresh water for operational processes. Recovering heat from the pulp mill waste matter streams also reduces the amount of energy discharged to the Wisconsin River. At the same time, reusing more process waste matter recovers usable fiber and results in less sludge being hauled to a landfill.

Stora Enso supports individual mill efforts to improve environmental performance and save energy. In 2005, the company provided an Energy and Environmental fund of $1 million, for which the eight North American mills submitted projects for financial support. A committee carefully reviewed the benefits of each project and selected finalists based on an equally weighted analysis of the environmental, energy and economic benefit. The two Whiting Mill projects honored for the “Friend of the Environment” Award ranked high among the projects submitted and received partial funding.

SOURCE: Stora Enso

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