Consortium to Study Ethanol Production from Pulp

May 3, 2006 - Genencor International said that it will participate in a research consortium to develop economic ethanol production from paper pulp through the use of know-how and infrastructure of the French forest products industry.

The 1.2 million euros project is sponsored by the French National Research Program for Bioenergy (PNRB, ANR) and managed by ADEME. The French National Research Agency will provide 50% of the funding to the partners. Besides Genencor, other partners include: Tembec R&D Kraft, INSA Toulouse's Laboratory for Biotechnology & Bioprocessing, and the University of Bordeaux's Pine Institute. The Pine Institute is the project leader and coordinator.

The project's objective is to deliver at the end of its three-year term, a baseline study of the technical and economic results of a small pilot plant installed at a pulp mill with a special focus on waste minimization of the milling process.

Genencor will provide its advanced biomass cellulases and application expertise to optimize the enzymatic hydrolysis of various paper pulp samples provided by Tembec and the Pine Institute.

In addition to providing substrate samples, Tembec will also analyze the economics to evaluate the system for commercial deployment by the pulp industry. INSA's Laboratory for Biotechnology and Bioprocessing will provide fermentation expertise through its Microbiology Engineering Team. The Pine Institute will share its expertise in pulping and handling; and, in lignocellulose analysis and characterization.

SOURCE: Genencor International

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