Port Townsend Paper Completes MACT Project

March 29, 2006 - Port Townsend Paper Corp. said that it has completed the third stage of projects required for compliance with the Federal regulations of Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT). MACT requires air pollution controls that are as good as the best 12% of control technology currently achieved by the paper industry.

The third stage of the MACT project has been completed ahead of the April 2006 compliance deadline, Port Townsend said.

The first stage of MACT began in 2000 with the installation of gas collection and incineration systems and upgrades to the process sewer system. Stage two followed in 2004 when the company upgraded air emission controls on its recovery boiler and replaced the scrubber system on the mill's lime kiln stack.

The completed third stage of MACT was a retrofit to the wastewater treatment pond. The upgrade consists of a submerged fine bubble aeration system. The newly installed system will provide better oxygen transfer to the wastewater stream and will allow more efficient treatment of the process effluent.

Port Townsend Paper said it has invested over $8.1 million on MACT projects since 2000.

The Port Townsend Paper family of companies employs approximately 800 people and annually produces more than 320,000 tons of unbleached Kraft pulp, paper and linerboard at its mill in Port Townsend, Washington. The Company also manufactures approximately 1.8 billion square feet of corrugated products annually at its three Crown Packaging Plants and two BoxMaster Plants located in British Columbia and Alberta.

SOURCE: Port Townsend Paper Corp.

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