DynaMotive Recognized for BioEnergy Technology

Feb. 16, 2006 (Press Release) - DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp. announced today that the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), in partnership with the National Research Council Canada - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), has honoured Vancouver's DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation with the 2005 BC-Yukon Innovation Award for New Technology.

"DynaMotive's leading-edge innovation in the area of pyrolysis technology has earned the company a reputation as a global leader," said Werner Knittel, CME British Columbia Vice President. "CME and NRC-IRAP are proud to honour a deserving company like DynaMotive Energy Systems -- a company that displays the unique and innovative capacity of British Columbia enterprises."

The Award recognizes innovative excellence in the development and application of new process manufacturing technologies in Canada. IRAP's industrial technology advisors work with small to medium size enterprises across Canada to help increase their innovative and technological capacity.

DynaMotive is recognized as the world leader in fast pyrolysis technology. Its principal business is the development and commercialization of environmentally friendly energy systems, based on fuels produced from biomass.

The Company's patented fast pyrolysis technology converts forest and agricultural residue into liquid BioOil and char. BioOil is a clean burning, greenhouse-gas neutral fuel that can be used to replace fossil fuels to generate power and heat in stationary gas turbines, diesel engines, kilns and boilers, as well as replace natural gas in the forest industry and coal in other industrial applications

When combusted, BioOil has no sulfur dioxide emissions (SOx) and approximately one-half the nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) of diesel fuel. Use of BioOil could help solve the emissions problems faced by users of natural gas, diesel and other fossil fuels and manufacturers of gas turbine and diesel engines. It's a significant source of green house gas credits.

In 2005, DynaMotive generated power at its BioOil cogeneration facility located at Erie Flooring and Wood Products in West Lorne, Ontario. Power was generated by Magellan Aerospace, Orenda division's OGT2500 gas turbine, and delivered to the Ontario energy grid. The BioOil fuelled turbine successfully established comparable performance to that achieved from natural gas and diesel fuels. This is the world's first BioOil fuelled gas turbine to generate power at a combined heat and power facility. The project received support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

DynaMotive is currently researching other product applications as well as higher value derivative products, including mobile fuels.

DynaMotive's BioOil is produced using patented technology that converts forest and agricultural wastes such as bark, sawdust and sugar cane bagasse into a liquid fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, BioOil is renewable, clean burning, low in emissions and is greenhouse gas neutral. As a clean fuel for power generation in gas turbines, diesel engines and boilers, BioOil presents significant market opportunities. The Company and its partners are also engaged in research and development on a range of derivative products that will further enhance the market and value for BioOil as an alternative fuel and product source.

SOURCE: DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp.

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